About Us

Established in August 2004, TBO Lotteries Corporation is principally engaged in operating and managing popular 4D forecast pools in the market. As today, TBO Inc. has been licensed to develop and operate 4D pools gaming with its 28 strong forces agencies by delivering exciting gaming entertainment to the patronage market since its incorporation.

The Company has played an active role in the Welfare of the nation and its people, by being a continous responsible good citizenship. In line with the company philosophy, it has contributed significant amount of promotion and development of sports, youth, education, welfare, charity (for the needy peoples) and other activities.

TBO Inc. has achieved tremendous success in management of 4D gaming, by consistently delivering instant and exciting 4D gaming to the customers.

At the heart of TBO Inc. is a core of professionals who are committed to excellence in gaming industry as well as technical knowledge and proficiency. We always serve our customers with the best services, providing with convenient TBO agents for punters to bet and also guarantee full prize paid out. Thus, all of our employee deserves the best thumb bringing loyal punters keep investing.



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